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Tuesday 21st. May 2013
Trevor Bolder passed away today at the age of 62 (same age as me)

without Trevor I would never have had a life in music ...
he taught me how to play Bass!

well ... here we all are at East Park in Hull at an open air gig in the Summer of 69
left to right - Ian Bolder - Trevor Bolder - Keith Stutt and Me 

Ian never without his Gibson 335 - Trevor on his trusty Precision - Keith made it all swing - and I'm getting to grips with the Strat that I'd just bought off Ronno
(see Bentleys Blog - Travel Agency March 16th. 2011)

and we never got a proper job ...
We were all still learning the ropes back in those days. We didn't know what the future held for us. But we were destined to go on and play with bands like Squeeze and the Spiders from Mars (not Squeeze and the Spiders from Mars - but bands like them!)

Life Changing ...
Trevor actually taught me to play the bass - and that's shaped my life!  ... thanks Trev !

another pic from East Park Hull 
left to right - Trevor - Keith - Me

which one's Ziggeh?
I remember in 1971 when l was living in Beckenham in Kent - Trevor had just moved into a house nearby with the other Spiders.  I went round to see him one day.  Trevor answered the door - he looked like an Alien with his spikey blue hair and matching side burns. But as soon as he opened his mouth to say 'ello John - the Hull accent brought him right back down to earth.

We went upstairs and there was David, Mick, and Woody, all sitting round listening to an acetate of their latest LP - Hunky Dory -  I thought it sounded wonderful. In fact I remember everybody making positive comments about the sound and the mix.  At the time I didn't realise just how amazing it was to be there at that moment - after all, I was just visiting some friends from Hull. I'd had a smashing afternoon - 
Really Good Vibes! Thinking about it now though ...  I am Totally Blown Away! 

A Bolder Bassman
Trevor had a unique style on the bass. He could read music - which was a stunning achievement in itself.  -  I know he started out playing in a brass band, and I think that he tried to emulate the sound of a Tuba when he picked up the electric bass.

Big Hearted Trev'
We met up again 1994 at the Hammersmith Odeon for the Mick Ronson Memorial Concert.
I played a set on Bass with the Rats.  But Trevor was the star that night - I introduced him to my then girlfriend (soon to be my wife) Sara.  She didn't know anybody there, and Trevor went out of his way to make her feel right at home. 

Thanks Trevor for all the wonderful gifts you brought us.
And you left us with an incredible legacy - your music.

John the Bassist


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Bentleys Blog top ten doomsday hits!

1.  eve of destruction -  barry maguire
2.  don't fear the Reaper   -  blue oyster cult
3.  strange fruit  -  billie holliday
4.  paint it black  -  the stones
5,  dark star  - grateful dead
6.  third stone from the sun  -  jimi hendrix
7.  end of the world  - the cure
8.  angel of death - slayer
9.  the end  -  the doors
10. desolation row  - bob dylan
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rush release their final single:

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B E N I T O ' S    D I A R Y    

A Tale of Two Viddy's

Friday 19th October 2012

Video shoot for "TOMMY"

11.00 am

I arrived at the film studio in Shaftsbury avenue.
and was ushered into the complementary suite shared with 'the Ravens' string quartet
then I accompanied Simon Hanson to the local Deli to purchase Coffees for the musicians.
"can you get this John? I don't carry cash on me anymore!"
got changed into my togs in a broom cupboard.
meanwhile journeyman Stephen Large was in makeup having his previous makeup removed 
from his appearance earlier in the day on the Breakfast Show in Manchester with Rebecca. 
all this so that he could have fresh makeup applied.
we stood around in the studio for a while watching Glenn and Chris being filmed 
crooning along to the Sultry Strings of the Raunchy Ravens.
then it was our turn...
Colin Rozee (the director) told us to walk onto the set during the chorus's and lark about at the back!
although this direction required no acting ability on our parts what so ever, 
I still found it a bit incongruous, considering the serious nature of the lyric.
watch the final cut and judge for yourself. 

Monday 5th November 2012

Video shoot for  "From the Cradle to the Grave"

11:00 am 

I arrived on the film set in Greenwich - which had been constructed out of rubber 
to look exactly like the Peltham Arms.
I don't know why they just didn't film it at the Peltham Arms - it would've been a lot cheaper.
Simon Hanson had already been in makeup for three hours before anyone had arrived.
"it's me! ... Simon! ... honest!"
I got changed into my togs in the Ladies loo - the Gents was busy.
the concept of the video was to have the song performed by 4 generations of Squeeze.
so ... we filmed our bit 1st. 
then it was the turn of 'the Elder Statesmen' who were absolutely BRILLIANT!
the lead singer had Glenn off to a T.
and the keyboard player was Stephen Large's father-in-law.
next came 'the Junior Squeezers'  fronted by an intense Leon Tilbrook with 
Charlie Hanson on drums (obviously)

at this point the (very proud) parents put on a very enthusiastic performance (out of shot) which included:
frantic arm waving - wild singing along - comedy air guitar - manic conducting - crazy jumping up and down - 
air drumming - and rolling around on the floor! it was totally surreal and hilarious.

finally it was the turn of 'the teenage and 20 year old Squeeze' to take to the stage.
this group of delinquents (see photo below) included a throw away performance from 
Louis Tilbrook on Ukelele and lead Vocals - Bebe Bentley gave a blistering performance 
on my 1951 Precision Bass - they've healed up now - while seasoned Rock God Riley Difford 
looked super cool on Guitar - sensational!!!

"it's a rap" 

the delinquents ....
left to right - Riley Difford - Louis Tilbrook - Bebe Bentley 

Are we hallucinating yet? part ll
Meanwhile back at Honks ...

"Have a listen to this album while I'm out ... it's Crosby Stills & Nash
Honk put the record on the turntable, and then left to go and meet up with his American girlfriend Morningflower -
well it was the 60's. 
So .. there we was ... Teenage Rick - Little Ian - & Me  just hanging out at Honks. 

I receive an OBE

With the super-natural effects of the recently ingested Nepalese Temple Balls still buzzing through our heads - 
listening to C S & Nash's debut album for the 1st. time was an Out of Body Experience. 
The lilac harmonies penetrated parts of my ear that I never new existed - 
I was drifting through space in a velvet bubble when suddenly - PLOP! - 
Teenage Rick collapsed in a heap on the floor like a sack of potatoes. 
He'd passed out - his long silky black hair draped over the single bar of the electric fire. 
I looked over to Little Ian and pointed a concerned finger down to Rick -   
Little Ian looked slowly over to where Rick had previously been sitting - 
and then down to where his hair was now smoking -
he turned back to look at me in disbelief ...

 "looks like Ricks head's on fire?!" 

and finally ...

More Bentley's Blog Readers Comments 
(we just love 'em)

"Bentley's Blog has helped me to lose weight - it must be because I keep on throwing up"
                           ...................................................................Granville Pinkerton
"I have a copy of Bentleys Blog in my toilet - I simply can't flush it down!"
                           ...................................................................Rev. Gerald Carpet
"Did you ever find that pencil sharpener? .... I MUST know!"
                           ...................................................................Sgt. Trilby
"I'd like to point out that Pluto in Capricorn is square Uranus in Aries all year, 
 so we might need a few packed lunches - crusts on sandwiches optional - 
 but a nice thermos of tea essential"
                             ...................................................................Alan Card
"I am a regular reader of Bentley's Blog - can I claim anything back for therapy?"
                             ...................................................................Vernon Steroid
"1. do you still have those glasses? 
  2. can I have them?
  3. do you still have that T-shirt and 
  4. can I have it - the Wavy Gravy one?"
                               .................................................................Love Bebe

next time in Bentleys Blog 
the night I got busted for possession of Ginger Nuts!

until then ...
stay creepy!

JB Lovecorpse 


Big Jim Sullivan - Big Talent - Big Heart ...

Big Jim Sullivan one of the greatest guitar legends on the planet is sadly no longer a living legend.

His contribution to British Popular music is Unbelievable - Incredible - Unrivalled.

So Many Happy Memories...

I am proud to say that Jim was a mate of mine, and we played a lot of gigs together ... I remember sitting with him backstage at a gig listening to a radio show featuring Hits of the Sixties - as each record came on he'd say "I'm on this one too" This went on for about 10 straight records and then we had to go on stage!!

Jim did not and could not catalogue every single session he worked on - he told me that quite often he would play guitar on the backing track in the studio without ever having met the artist.  The artist would come into the studio later to record their vocal after Jim had left. So there are many hit recordings that he played on that he had just simply forgotten about!!

His encounters on all these countless sessions with all these sixties legends provided Jim with endless stories - some were hilarious - but the ones l liked the best were shocking and unrepeatable. 

Lucky Me ...

It was an inspiration to be able to play music with Jim.
I was lucky enough to play on several studio recordings with him, and accompany him on the bass at gigs in the UK and abroad.
Just being able to sit with him and watch his amazing technique on the guitar was a unique opportunity for me to learn and be inspired by a real virtuoso.

Outa Sight ...

Jim was one of - if not THE best sight readers on the Planet. His talent for being able to play a piece of music straight from the page, without ever having heard it before, was legendary among other session players. And after playing it as written, he could then improvise the piece in any style imaginable.

Give it up for Jim! ...

I would watch eyes pop and jaws drop in the audience as Jim launched into one of his dazzling solos.
Jim is also responsible for ending many a musicians career - as quite a few guitarists who watched him play - then decided to give it up!

Unlucky Jim ...

The Performing Rights Society collect money for musicians who play on successful recordings.  But this system did not cover the period when Jim played on over a thousand charting entries and over 50 No.1 singles. If these payments had been around in the sixties Jim would have been, without a doubt, the highest paid member of PRS. It was very unlucky and unfair for Jim - but lucky for the PRS as they would've gone bust to pay him his dues!

Top That!? ...

Jim was blessed with an astonishing musical gift, and it gave him the means to enjoy a wealth of exciting and amazing life experiences.
Judging from what he told me - l guess that jamming with Elvis was up there with the greatest! WoW!

Thanks Norma ...

for looking after Jim all these years ...

so sad to see him go ...


check out Jim's Discography here ... it's unbelievable!!


oops! & Velkommen to Fray Bento's Blog!


In this Blog .... - LSD - Nazis - AIDS - Rabbis - Wormholes - and more!

Tune In Turn On Drop Out 
Bentley's Blog Baddist ACID Trips ... (don't try this at home!)

Bentleys Blog does not condone the use of LSD. Do not under any circumstances attempt to copy any of the stunts described in this Blog. I was very lucky to have survived the Psychedelic experience. Some people that I knew took a Trip and never returned.

Trip #1 
Are we Hullucinating yet?

pic by Sara B'

... late one night in 1969 - or was it 68? (I can't remember the sixties - so I must've been there!) - Teenage Rick - Little Ian - and myself drank some Electric Cool Aid  (pure LSD mixed with Orange Juice) and then set off from Hull in my Dads white Zepher 4 on a 'trip' to London to visit Honk + - I know I know I know that driving a car whilst tripping is totally irresponsible - and is like a really stupid and very dangerous thing to do - but I had the ridiculous notion from previous experience that the effect of perpetual motion would prevent the hallucinations from taking a firm grip on my reality ... what am I talking about?

the headlights don't work when you're travelling faster than the speed of light ...

... it was a beautifully clear night - and I was behind the wheel - staring out through dilated pupils at the road - which was illuminated by the cars headlights or (in my mind) tractor beams - as we sped along - the road ahead looked more like a wormhole than the A1 - my dads Zepher had transmogrified into some kind of Interstella Spacecraft and was transporting us to another dimension ...  for your information: there is no way of telling which way is up or which way is down when you are travelling at warp speed through a wormhole - but it is the best fun I've ever had with my clothes on! 

Reality Check

... our psychedelic journey was abruptly interrupted when a police car pulled up alongside us in the time tunnel and signalled us to pull over - I managed to stop fairly convincingly - and we all stumbled out of the car - stationary now the hallucinations seriously took over my perception of reality - but we were totally cool with the whole policeman thing as we weren't 'carrying' anything - and we all stood passively at the side of the road starring into outer-space while the police officer inspected the vehicle - he pointed out that one of our tyres needed replacing - we must have have been putting out some weird vibes - and it is my guess that the officer of the law was psyched out - or maybe he just thought we were all from Yugoslavia? - who knows? - who cares? ... anyway this kind & considerate officer of the law proceeded to change the wheel for us - as it must have been obvious to him than none of us were going to do it - satisfied that we were now roadworthy - he signalled for us carry on our journey - so we all piled back into the car - Little Ian took over the wheel - and we drove off into the night minus a few more million brain cells ...
to be discontinued ...

next time in Bentley's Blog Baddist ACID Trips ... find out why Teenage Rick's head burst into flames ...
+ Honk was the bass player with Juniors Eyes who notably backed David Bowie in 1969

Meanwhile back on Earth - the HEAT IS ON!
U.S.A. Tour July 2012 - where temperatures are the highest ever on record!
Squeeze play the Charter One Pavillion in Chicago
the temperature here is 108 degrees. I have been sat on the bus outside the venue now for 6 hours. It is so humid outside that l dont feel adventurous enough to engage with the outside world just yet. The outside world being the 30 seconds it takes to walk from the air-conditioned bus to the air-conditioned dressing room in the venue. 

Its Official:  Blogger is worth $8:95 (approximately £5:52 plus postage!)


Geddit while stocks last!

Neo Nazis in Nebraska
Yesterday we were in Lincoln Nebraska. I went to look at a Vintage Shop with the very Entertaining Mr. Large (who's birthday it was) Happy Birthday old boy! Anyway we were astonished to find among the many interesting items - an action figure of Heinrich Himmler! - complete with the original box. 

The shop owners had wisely taken care to keep Heinrich confined to his box - which had an attached note:
 "for historic educational purposes only 
   and not intended to glorify or exploit 
   the horrors and atrocities of war

There was a fair amount of Nazi memorabilla in the store - and after some investigation we discovered that there had been a group of Neo Nazis based in the town. Now apparently the fanatical leader of the group contracted AIDS - and as he approached the end of his life his family refused to look after him. A local Rabbi was the only person who agreed to take him in - the Nazi was so touched by his altruism (whatever that means?) that he renounced his previously wicked life with a complete turn around on his death bed!  

there's nothing like a blog with a happy ending  -  and this is nothing like one ...

"Eat Flaming Death Fascist Media Pig!

el bloggo