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Bentleys Blog # 401 ... and they said it wouldn't last!

... Glenns biggest fan!

the gig at the Count Basie Theatre in Redbank was voted ~ best night of the tour ~ 
by the New Jersey Order of the Mongoose Glee Club. 
Revellers were SO hysterical with excitement that small (but soggy) patches were in evidence on the previously immaculate upholstery. Grown men were seen weeping in the aisles during our new 'Gospel' version of Tempted
Transmogrified (what ever that means) fans spanning three generations were joined together at the hip and in harmony as Chris Difford sang Heaven. And they appeared to know every lyric to every song - which was more than we did! Everyone - including the band had a right old knees-up!

Bentleys Blog NOT on facebook - now you'll always know what you're missing ...
But despite that .. here is a special report for both fans of that wonderful application ...
"I'm just going upstairs to get a pencil sharpener - then I shall be coming back down again" 
(exclamations of shock / bed wetting / wrist slashing / vomiting etc. etc.)

Oh Baldymore ...
I couldn't wait to get to Baltimore for our penultimate show - as its named after my favourite Randy Newman song ... Short People!? ... (squeezes nose and sings) ...

"Oh Baltimore - man it's hard just to live - just to live"

Well Randy - I had a good look round the old docks and Quayside area, and while I can see that Baltimore's history of building over 200 ships for use in the slave trade is nothing to be proud of, I still don't see why you think that living there now is such a problem.

 ... Go out and buy some potted shrimp.

   Rockin' @ the 

Upon arrival at the legendary Roseland Ballroom in New York City - I was shocked by the appalling condition of the venue. Sadly the interior had been allowed to deteriorate from its former glory. But who? (I hear you ask) was responsible? I immediately demanded to speak to the Manager! (I actually did honest) Upon seeing my genuine concern, and further impressed by my extensive knowledge of the buildings history, the Manager was quite helpful. He not only gave me a tattered postcard with a faded photograph of Roseland from 1973, but then was gracious enough to take me on a short tour of the ballroom where he pointed out the few bits and pieces that remained in tact. The main one being the bar tucked away around the top left corner. I recognised it immediately from a scene in the movie 'Roseland' starring Christopher Walken.  (See Photo below) that's me in the picture and not C W by the way.
there was this guy

Well the place was so packed for the show that there was no room for any quick steps, waltzes or fox trots. A good crowd of friends and fans came to meet and greet us afterwards, the place was buzzing with flies and celebrities, including glamorous award winning film producer Natelie Difford, who's latest film 'Gimme the Loot' is soon to be featured at the Cannes Film festival. Oh you can't keep a good Difford down these days - they're coming along thick and fast now!
I wisely side-stepped the offer of going to a night club for the end of tour party - which I later discovered drove everyone mental with intensely loud techno.  

And so Endeth the Tour ... And as it was written then so it shall be ... for ever and ever ... Amen Andrews.

Well we're all coming back for more in June to do it all over again with the B52's ... 

do we get a badge for doing this?

"badges? ... We don't need no stinking badges! 

Bloggin off now ...

Reader Comments (5)

You are right JB, Roseland is a horror - sad sad sad.
Sorry we missed you before the gig but who knew that a band would actually want to eat dinner before a show?? Next time bring the charger for your mobile you old git!!!
Show was a knockout, and I had two "Squeeze Virgins" with me who are now fanatical converts!
hope you are enjoying Sussex and your lovely wife and we'll catch up in london or glasgow.
be well
Anthony in pAris

May 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnthony

Did you ever find that pencil sharpener?
I MUST know!

June 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSgt. Trilby

Sorry about not answering my mobile Anthony, try an email next time - you might have more luck.

June 7, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterel Bloggo

I hear your other Blog's funny!

'Glens Biggest Fan'

I literally died laughing.

July 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBBKING

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