"Spot The Difference" Review on

"The very title of Spot the Difference suggests there are notable variations between this collection of re-recorded hits and the originals, but a quick listen reveals that Squeeze are taunting their audience to differentiate these painstaking re-creations from the originals." - READ FULL REVIEW


Squeeze Still Sharp 30 Years On

Peter Larsen of The Orange County Register on Squeeze 30 years on:

"As Squeeze downshifted into a vamping groove near the end of "Tempted" on Wednesday night, singer and guitarist Glenn Tilbrook worked his way through band introductions, starting with players whom fans at Gibson Amphitheatre might not be familiar, until finally reaching Chris Difford, the only one other than Tilbrook that they absolutely knew and adored." - READ THE FULL ARTICLE


Concert Review: Squeeze with the English Beat at Gibson Amphitheatre, 7/28/10

Michael Berick of No Depression reviews Squeeze's performance at Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles:

"The thoroughly entertaining concert also served as a reminder of the massively impressive song library that Difford and Tilbrook built over the years. Not only have they composed hooky, literate tunes like “Tempted” or “Is That Love” but they really crafted some truly unique numbers. " READ THE FULL ARTICLE


Squeeze At Radio City Music Hall

Read Mike Perciaccante's "Cheap Trick and Squeeze At Radio City Music Hall" article on

"Even after 35 years Glenn Tilbrook has one of the most distinctive sweet and melodious voices in music. The crowd was immediately on its feet and completely into the performance from the first notes of the evening's opening tune "Black Coffee in Bed," as evidenced by its singing of "hardly contain," "joy and the pain," "fire in my eyes" and "new love tonight," the phrases that end each verse."  READ THE FULL ARTICLE


Squeeze Video Blog - July 2010


SQUEEZE on Jimmy Fallon 7/14

Squeeze performed Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” on July 14th. Watch for the keyboard solo... on an iPad!