squeeze new line up
Glenn and Chris are hard at work finishing up the new album. They are pleased to announce that later today details of a 2017 US Tour will be put up on line. First, news on the new album and touring line-up. On bass we have the lovely Yolanda Charles who is a very accomplished session musician who has toured and recorded with the likes of Paul Weller, Eric Clapton and Hans Zimmer. Another new addition is Steve Smith on percussion, vocals and guitar. Steve is lead singer of Grammy award-winning electronica act Dirty Vegas. Glenn says “I’m very excited about the two new faces joining us for this album and tour … We are so lucky to have on Fender 5 string bass and vocals the legendary and fantastic Yolanda Charles, and on percussion and vocals of one half of ‘Dirty Vegas’ the incredible Steve Smith. Adding more percussive clout and musical finesse to our already potent brew. This album and tour could be the best ever!” Chris says “Its really great news that Yolanda and Steve are joining us on the new album and following tours. Yolanda gives so much to the back bone of our songs, and with Simon form a formidable rhythm section. Steve adds his spice with percussion and guitar, and they both sing too, which can only be a bonus. I’m really looking forward to chucking the jigsaw in the air to see where it all fits together with the new and old songs alike. I feel so grateful to have such great people in the band.” On drums you will still find Simon Hanson and the lord of the keyboards is Stephen Large.